At TRUE Automotive, we agree with Robert Bosch when he said it is more important to lose money than a customer’s trust. We built our business to where we are today by taking pride in our craftsmanship and trusting the high quality parts we use, such as those made by Bosch, to service your vehicle to the highest standard in the industry. Because of that, TRUE Automotive is proud to stand behind our 3 year, 36,000 mile warranty on most services and repairs. Please note, this warranty does not include fluids or filters, or other conditional based service items or wear items like brake pads. This warranty applies to vehicles operating under the original manufacturer’s specifications and during legal road use. This does not apply to off-road use vehicles, or performance applications, as they are exceeding the design specifications and the original intended use of the parts. A final exception are specialty order parts ordered directly from various dealerships. We honor the manufacturer’s warranty on these parts, which in many cases is between 12 and 24 months depending on the brand. We will, however, stand behind our labor for the same 3 years/36,000 miles. You can find an example here at Mercedes-Benz website.

Magnuson-Moss Act of 1975
Federal Law Prohibits any dealer from implying or denying routine warranty service because scheduled routine maintenance was performed at an independent facility.

Title 15 Chapter 50 sections 2301-2312 US Federal Code
TRUE Automotive offers the TechNet Nationwide Warranty 36 Month/36,000 Mile Nationwide Warranty. Please click here or call us for details!