Turbo Repair in Sandy Springs, GA

What Happened to My Turbo?

Empower Your Vehicle

What can turbo do for you? In short, it can empower your vehicle, giving it an extra boost of air going into the engine. The combustion process that produces power for your car relies partly on oxygen. The extra air delivered by the turbo can help your engine maximize the potential of its fuel, producing more power quicker. The result is better performance as related to acceleration. If your automobile can do this, count on TRUE Automotive in Sandy Springs, Georgia, your go-to shop for turbo repair since 2013.

The Most Common Turbo Failures

Now that you know more about what a turbo does, you may wonder why it fails. Although the causes can be many, we're happy to share information about a few of the most common with you. Your auto's turbo is hard at work each time you drive, particularly as you accelerate. It stands to reason, therefore, that it will eventually wear out. Usually, you can expect the turbo to last between 100,000 and 150,000 miles. Beyond age, there are four major sources of trouble for your turbo, and you have control over some of them. First, oil contamination is known to shorten the life of this component. Debris particles in dirty oil chew up the turbo bearing instead of lubricating it properly. You have some influence over this because you reduce that likelihood with regular oil and filter changes. As a related issue, insufficient oil flow to the turbo is a problem. The floating debris can clog holes, starving the turbo of oil. Again, the preventive oil/filter change is key. Another habit that shortens turbo life is constant rapid acceleration. It’s the kind where you gun your car from stoplight to stoplight. Despite what you might tell yourself, it is indeed something you can control. Finally, flying road debris, which you cannot control, can be sucked into the turbo, causing damage.

Empower Yourself

You rely on your turbo to empower your automobile's acceleration, but choosing the right shop can enable you to empower yourself. When you entrust your vehicle to us, you get outstanding mechanical service and the customer care you deserve without leaving town. We back our work with a superior 36-month/36,000-mile warranty. Thus, there's no need to feel powerless when it comes to service for your car. Make your next appointment for your European or Japanese import with TRUE Automotive in Sandy Springs, Georgia, for turbo repair.

Written by True Automotive