Turbo Repair in Lawrenceville, GA

Turbo Failure and Driving

What is Turbo?

While some enthusiasts are very intentional about selecting a vehicle equipped with turbo, others are less secure in their understanding of the term. If you're one of those drivers, don't worry. We're happy to explain why the great vehicle you purchased has a turbo and what happens if it fails. Turbo is a mechanism for delivering extra air to your engine. Because oxygen is required for combustion, the additional airflow allows your automobile to make more and quicker power from the same amount of fuel. Many motorists enjoy the faster pick-up while navigating traffic or simply love the feel of acceleration. Since 2013, TRUE Automotive in Lawrenceville, Georgia, has provided reliable information and reputable turbo repair to area drivers. We look forward to taking expert care of your car, too.

Can You Drive with a Broken Turbo?

Perhaps you're wondering how you'll know if your turbo is failing. First, be aware that the life of this component typically spans 100,000-150,000 miles. If your auto is in or near that range, watching for the signs of turbo trouble is particularly important. One common indicator is an illuminated check engine light. This lamp can point to a number of problems, so we'll need to check it out to confirm the underlying cause. Given the turbo's function, another sign is weakened acceleration and loss of power. Furthermore, you may notice a fair amount of exhaust smoke, especially bluish fumes. Also, your car might exhibit excessive oil consumption. A mechanical inspection may even reveal burned oil in the turbo area. Additionally, beware if your turbo begins making a loud whining noise that isn't normal for your vehicle. Finally, if your car is equipped with a boost gauge, it may no longer show a performance increase. Sources of trouble other than age can include repeated rapid acceleration, lack of enough clean oil, and objects/debris from the road that are sucked into the turbo. It's a bad idea to keep driving when the turbo fails. A better practice is to have it towed to our shop for repair because fragments of the broken component can become mobile, causing major damage to other parts.

Trusted Turbo Repair

When your European or Japanese import turbo-powered vehicle gives trouble, you need a repair shop you can trust. You can always feel confident entrusting your automobile to TRUE Automotive. Our track record of helping our neighbors/drivers just like you spans more than a decade. Our experienced technicians are the best, and our repairs are backed at an awesome 36-month/36,000-mile warranty. If your turbo is failing, restore power to your car and empower yourself as a customer. Schedule an appointment for turbo repair at TRUE Automotive in Lawrenceville, Georgia.

Written by True Automotive