Tires/Wheels in Sandy Springs, GA

When Should You Get Tires Rotated and Balanced?

Tire Care Matters

Every auto owner knows that tires are a wear-and-tear item. As durable as they are, they don't last forever. What's more, they aren't cheap. Even more importantly, however, tire integrity is critical to your safety. That's why tire care matters. It's important and economical to keep your set of treads in good condition for as long as possible and to replace them when they're beyond the point of safe use. In business since 2013, TRUE Automotive in Sandy Springs, Georgia, is here to help you with rotating and balancing and all the care you need for your tires/wheels.

Rotating and Balancing as Recommended

Perhaps you're wondering why rotating and balancing tires is recommended. Do you really need to do it at all? How often should it be done? In a perfect world, all four tires would wear evenly and perfectly. You'd get maximum mileage out of the set. The reality, however, is that tire wear isn't so idyllic. One factor is weight. Unless you're always hauling a heavy load, the weight of the motor bearing down on tires as they roll makes them wear quicker than those supporting less weight. Another issue is alignment. Imperfect relationships between the wheels and the automobile, represented by the major suspension angles, account for uneven tread wear. Power transfer and braking also typically take a toll on the front tires more quickly than the rear. Routinely rotating and balancing the tires foster a more even wear pattern between the four components. Generally, this should be done on a regular schedule. Your vehicle's owner's manual will provide information specific to your model. Tire manufacturers give guidelines, as well. However, the most important practice is to develop a habit and stick to it unless there's a compelling reason to deviate from it. We can help you with the best routine for you and your auto based on what, where, and how much you drive. If you suspect a problem, we can also discuss the possibility of providing services sooner to head off a potentially problematic wear pattern.

Your Personal Tire Shop

When it's time to have your vehicle's tires rotated and balanced, you'll find great, individualized customer service near your home or workplace. That makes us your personal tire shop. Our staff is trained and equipped to perform all the services your treads need. Ask us about warranty information, too. Why take a chance with your tires or endure aggravation at an impersonal big box store? If you drive a European or Japanese import, make TRUE Automotive your destination for wheel/tire services in Sandy Springs, Georgia.

Written by True Automotive