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Signs of a Bad Wheel Bearing

What Is It?

What holds your wheel to your axle? It's a ball bearing, which is steel balls, or in some cases tapered bearings, called tapers, encompassed by a metal ring. The bearing ensures that the wheel can turn without excessive friction. It's important that this component maintains its integrity because your safety depends on its ability to support not only the weight of your vehicle but also the load of maneuvering and braking. If you suspect a problem with a wheel bearing, you don't have to worry. Simply bring your automobile to the attention of the expert technicians at TRUE Automotive in Lawrenceville, Georgia. We've been operating since 2013 and are here to help you with all your tire/wheel repair needs.

How Will I Know If It's Bad?

Now that you know the importance of the wheel bearing's job, perhaps you're wondering how you'll know if one is failing and what the underlying cause might be. First, know the signs. Your steering may feel different. This includes a sensation of looseness or too much "play" or steering wheel vibration that feels different as you turn your automobile. You may also begin hearing a new odd noise. The sound could be a constant grind or whine that you hear the entire tire you're driving, a clunk as you cross bumpy surfaces, or a hum that worsens as you turn or accelerate. Regardless of the symptom, the problem needs to be addressed. While a wheel bearing doesn't usually fail immediately, continuing to drive over time can allow for additional damage and/or present a risk to your safety. Although any component can go bad over time, certain factors can increase the likelihood of wheel bearing failure. Rough road conditions such as potholes or driving through mud or water sometimes contribute to the trouble. Other problems that can accelerate the end of wheel bearing life include using substandard parts, improperly installing them, and modifying tire/wheel/suspension.

What Do I Do?

If you recognize a wheel bearing issue with your European or Japanese import, you should make sure your transportation remains safe and doesn't leave you stranded. Our team can help you with the remedy your vehicle requires. Moreover, we stand behind those repairs with a generous 36-month/36,000-mile warranty. Why take a chance on a shop with a lesser reputation or lackluster warranty? Instead, entrust your vehicle to TRUE Automotive in Lawrenceville, Georgia, for everything your tires/wheels need.

Written by True Automotive