Suspension and Shock Repair in Suwanee, GA

What Happened to My Suspension?

You Need the Suspension System

Although some systems are for entertainment or luxury only, your vehicle's suspension system isn't one of them. The fact is that your automobile doesn't function without its suspension. This supports the load of the body, motor, and other parts and allows your vehicle to interact with the road. Your wheels maintain maximum contact with the road, and unwanted motion is controlled as you drive because of this import collection of components. You will need repair if your transportation develops a problem related to this system. Let TRUE Automotive in Suwanee, Georgia, help. In business since 2013, our professional technicians have experience with autos like yours.

Potential Causes of a Broken Suspension

Your suspension system is a collection of parts that works well together to achieve the safety, control, and comfort you desire. Components include shocks/struts, springs, joints, bearings, arms, bushings, and bars. These are all durable, and drivers tend to count on them to work well day after day without much thought to their condition until there's a noticeable problem. To that end, it's advisable to have us inspect your suspension periodically so that we can help you catch and address problems early. If you do detect an issue, make an appointment for service immediately. When such breaches occur, you may wonder about the underlying cause(s). Even though these parts tend to last a long time, general degradation from repeated use happens. Age takes its toll, and components need replacing. Another problem for most metal parts is an environmental hazard. Rust can form, gradually eating away at the structural integrity. This is particularly problematic in coastal regions. Little known to some drivers, hydrogen molecules can be a problem, too. Hydrogen attacks steel's strength and leads to cracking. Excessively bumpy roads can shorten the life of some parts, as well. Shocks and springs work harder. Severe jolts can even cause a shock to "bottom out," breaking it. Finally, hauling weights beyond the vehicle's rated capacity places undue stress on suspension system components, leading to damage.

Reputable Help with Your Suspension

When your special vehicle needs repair, don't take a chance by taking it to someone you don't know and don't inconvenience yourself by driving to another town. Instead, bring it to your local neighborly shop that's also highly rated and well equipped. You'll be pleased to know that we stand behind our repairs with a great 36-month/36,000-mile warranty. Therefore, make your appointment for suspension and shock repair for your European or Japanese import with TRUE Automotive in Suwanee, Georgia.

Written by True Automotive