Suspension and Shock Repair in Marietta, GA

The Sounds of a Broken Suspension

Not Music to Your Ears

When your automobile makes the sounds of a finely tuned machine, it's a great experience. If it makes an embarrassing noise as you roll down the road, that's definitely not music to your ears. You don't have to continue being ashamed, nor do you have to worry about what damage your vehicle might be incurring. Operating since 2013, TRUE Automotive in Marietta, Georgia, is your local neighborhood import shop. You can count on our experienced technicians for your automobile's suspension and shock repair.

The Sounds of Trouble

Your vehicle's suspension supports its own weight, improves your comfort level, and enhances safety. It performs all these functions using components such as springs, shocks or struts, linkages, and anti-sway bars to control and smooth out radical movements. Thus, you can handle your auto when you are crossing rough surfaces, turning, and braking. Your tires maintain better traction because they bounce off the road surface less. Your car may have a standard suspension system where the motion of one wheel is dependent upon that of another, or it may feature an independent suspension where each wheel can move without direct correlation to its axle partner. Suppose you begin hearing inappropriate sounds from your vehicle. In that case, they could arise from the suspension system or something else, so we'll need to check your auto to make a definitive diagnosis. One potential noise is creaking. The suspension could be the culprit if it's particularly bad in combination with vehicle bounce or a rolling sensation. Knocking that happens when turning or crossing bumps may indicate worn shocks, another suspension issue. If you hear grunting, grinding, or squeaking as you turn or go over raised surfaces, this may point to a steering failure. Finally, a rattle may point to suspension trouble but often indicates a transmission issue. Let us check it out for you.

The Wonderful Sounds of Silence

When it comes to your vehicle's suspension, silence is indeed golden. Nobody appreciates unwanted noises as they drive, and the cacophony may actually be telling of ever-increasing levels of damage. You don't have to keep driving like this, however. Our expert team is here to help you accurately diagnose the symptoms you're noticing and provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision about your vehicle. If you drive a European or Japanese import, why take your automobile just anywhere? Entrust it to the experts at TRUE Automotive in Marietta, Georgia, for suspension and shock repair.

Written by True Automotive