Suspension and Shock Repair in Decatur, GA

How Do You Know if Your Shocks Are Bad?

A Shock's Life

One might think of a shock absorber as living a thankless life. As long as it functions properly, few drivers remember this component's daily hard work. While the spring allows for “give” to soften the blow of bumps and holes along the road, the shock absorber controls the bounce rate. This is important because it helps the tire stay in contact with the road instead of jumping up and down, disconnecting with the pavement at each jolt. The greater the contact, the safer your ride. Furthermore, when shocks perform as intended, you also have better steering and handling control. Should you notice any warning signs of bad shocks, rely on the professional technicians at TRUE Automotive in Decatur, Georgia. In business since 2013, we have over a decade of experience with suspension and shock repair.

When Shocks Speak

Although shocks operate well for a long time, they eventually wear out. Typically, this happens over time from the repeated expanding and contracting along your daily route. However, a calamity that causes a shock to "bottom out" can also damage. Perhaps you're wondering how you'll know if it's time for new shocks. Your shocks will usually tell you. One sign of aging shocks is a decline in your quality of ride. If your cabin experience is bumpy, let us check them for you. Another sign of trouble is nose-diving or dipping when you apply brakes. You may also notice a fluid leak coming from a shock, indicating damage and the need for replacement. The feeling that your car rolls as you turn indicates worn shocks. Other indicators that may indicate either shock trouble or other problems include uneven tire wear, a vibrating steering wheel, and strange noises. Let us check your auto to accurately diagnose the problem if you notice these.

Professional Suspension and Shock Repair

Bad shock absorbers decrease the quality of your ride and can compromise your safety. Therefore, don't delay making an appointment if your shocks are sending you a negative message. Instead, let our expert mechanics install high-quality replacement shock absorbers along with any other related suspension components that need an upgrade. We'll back our work with an outstanding 36-month/36,000-mile warranty. Shock replacement can help you remain comfortable and safe as well as head off additional suspension system damage. Keep riding on the smooth course by making your suspension and shock repair appointment at TRUE Automotive in Decatur, Georgia.

Written by True Automotive