Preventative Maintenance


Metro Atlanta’s Vehicle Maintenance Experts

Vehicle Diagnostics And Test Procedures

To prevent future problems and keep your vehicle running at its best, periodic maintenance should be performed according to your vehicle’s maintenance schedule. We’re committed to providing the care your vehicle deserves. Preventative maintenance services can include the following:

Troubleshooting various issues on vehicles can be the most intricate part of any repair. Technicians in today’s automotive fields are becoming more and more “diagnosticians” and are comparable to doctors and other computer-oriented and engineering-type professionals.

With our free initial code scan, we’ll be able to provide pricing for a repair to the penny. If the team determines testing is required after pulling the initial codes, then we will propose an estimate for the testing so that you know what is involved and exactly how much it costs.

If you’re experiencing an issue with your vehicle we kindly invite you to TRUE Automotive so we can have our ASE Certified professionals take an honest look at the car and help come up with a plan.