Oil Changes

engine oil Maintenance

The engine oil and air filter services are one of the least expensive and yet most important services you can perform on your vehicle. As of 2021, many manufacturers are now recommending upwards of 15,000+ miles oil change intervals, without a care for the end-user, nor their investment. We here at TRUE Automotive know these extended intervals are very harmful to the longevity of your vehicle. Many issues can be avoided by simply changing your vehicle’s oil at a regular interval of 5,000 miles. When you perform your engine oil services with high-quality oil and filters you’ll get the most out of your engine and all of your engine’s accessories and ancillaries. 

Benefits of regular oil changes

We utilize a simple Priority System of using 1, 2 and 3. This approach helps people be more informed and also to budget better for what might have otherwise been an uncomfortable, unexpected future expenditure. This is the difference between Car Care and Car Repair. A proactive approach versus a reactive one. 

  • Increased miles per gallon
  • Smoother running engine due to reduced friction
  • More horsepower
  • Increased life of sensors, seals, gaskets, etc.
  • Decreased emissions
  • Longer lasting and trouble-free engine
  • More smiles to you as the end user! 


At TRUE Automotive, we are working hard to raise up the car care industry. It’s our mission to be your trusted automotive shop for life. We’re relationship-based, not transactional. As your neighbor, it’s our duty to serve our communities with honest and transparent car care. TRUE will never perform any work without your authorization and we will always make sure you know the cost of everything before we do any work.

Using our simple priority system you’ll always know what service or repairs are urgent and what can be budgeted for in the future. 

  • Three-year and 36,000-mile parts and labor warranty
  • Nationwide warranty and roadside assistance
  • Free digital inspection every visit
  • Courtesy loaner vehicles
  • Friendly and informative staff
  • Free second opinions
  • Pristine shops and offices
  • Four convenient Atlanta locations
  • 5-star communication 
  • Trusted by our community

Ask our team about how we share the same screen with our customers that both our front office and our trained technicians use. 

Our team is here for you and ready to help you with your car!

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