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Engine Care For Our True Community

Whether your vehicle is needing a simple oil and filter service, or a large scale major repair, never fear as TRUE has you covered. TRUE Automotive is excited to help with any large-scale engine service or repair. We’re also proud of our speed of service when it comes to larger-scale repairs. Please do not worry about having your vehicle gone for months and months at a time. Our team of professionals knows that you need your vehicle back on the road and we are here to get it back to you as promptly as possible.

Engine Air Filters

Allow your engine to BREATHE!

Have you noticed decreased fuel efficiency or less horsepower? If you do not perceive these common symptoms of an old or dirty engine air filter, then you will certainly notice the difference once you have a new one installed. Engine air filters get slowly dirty over time and thus, you may not notice that it is no longer functioning as intended.

  • Recommended replacement every 15,000 miles, but it could be required more frequently if you drive in more dusty or dirty environments.