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Brake care for our TRUE community.

Safety is always #1 here at TRUE Automotive, and that’s why we’re proud to be your neighborhood brake experts. We perform precision brake inspections so you and your loved ones can be safe while driving your vehicle.

Brakes are wear items. In rare and extreme cases, brakes can become worn over a weekend and in other cases, brake life is extended up to and over 100,000 miles. Driving styles can determine how long the brakes will last. When the brakes get worn to their minimal level, a brake job is required to keep you and the vehicle safe.

Brakes from a TRUE vehicle inspection. This picture illustrates the brakes are at minimum specification and are due for replacement. We love showing customers pictures so they can see and understand everything with their vehicle.
Symptoms of worn brakes
  • Squeaking, squealing or grinding noises
  • Vibrations in steering wheel
  • Shaking or wobbling in the entire vehicle
  • The car may pull to one side of the road
  • Difficulty slowing down
  • Burning smells or smoke
  • Leaking brake fluid
  • Soft or spongy brake pedal
ABS/Anti-lock Brake System

Working in conjunction with your brakes, this system is designed to help keep the vehicle stable and to prevent the tires from locking up during hard or emergency braking. It’s especially important when weather conditions cause the roads to be more slippery than normal, whether that be water, ice, leaves/debris, or even just really cold asphalt. 

If there’s ever an issue with the brake system it’s common for this light to illuminate on the dash of the vehicle, indicating that the system should be checked as soon as possible. Please note, there can still be issues with the system with no lights illuminated. 

Modern ABS also work alongside the vehicle’s other safety systems such as their traction control and electronic stability control systems. In BMW and other makes/models, this is referred to as the DSC system, or Dynamic Stability Control system. Other names for this system include Electronic Stability Control (ESC) system, or the Electronic Stability Program (ESP) which all work by detecting and reducing the loss of traction or skidding.

Brake Inspections

When we perform work on your brake system we make sure to check the following components:

  • Thickness and wear on brake pads and rotors
  • Brake calipers and mounting brackets
  • Moisture content, fluid level, and age of brake fluid
  • Brake lines and hoses
  • Bolts and hardware
  • Computer and electrical components
"Brakes just started making noise yesterday.” All kidding aside, come by TRUE Automotive for your free brake inspection. Safety first here at TRUE!
"Brakes just started making noise yesterday.” All kidding aside, come by TRUE Automotive for your free brake inspection. Safety first here at TRUE!


At TRUE Automotive, we are working hard to raise up the car care industry. It’s our mission to be your trusted automotive shop for life. We’re relationship-based, not transactional. As your neighbor, it’s our duty to serve our communities with honest and transparent car care. TRUE will never perform any work without your authorization and we will always make sure you know the cost of everything before we do any work.

Using our simple priority system you’ll always know what service or repairs are urgent and what can be budgeted for in the future. 

  • Three-year and 36,000-mile parts and labor warranty
  • Nationwide warranty and roadside assistance
  • Free digital inspection every visit
  • Courtesy loaner vehicles
  • Friendly and informative staff
  • Free second opinions
  • Pristine shops and offices
  • Four convenient Atlanta locations
  • 5-star communication 
  • Trusted by our community

Ask our team about how we share the same screen with our customers that both our front office and our trained technicians use. 

Our team is here for you and ready to help you with your car!

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