Turbochargers and superchargers are really neat systems that make your vehicle more efficient. Modern-day emissions standards and fuel economy requirements make it necessary for vehicles to increase their efficiency however possible.

A forced induction system such as a turbo or supercharger recycles an engine’s energy to make it more efficient as the engine goes through its power range. Turbochargers use the exhaust gasses to help force air into the engine, increasing horsepower and fuel efficiency. Superchargers use the engine’s crankshaft or main drive to help force additional air into the engine. These systems commonly have tiny passageways for oil and coolant in order to keep cool and lubricated. These systems also generate an extreme amount of heat and RPM when they operate.

Neglecting the maintenance on your turbo and supercharger systems can lead to costly repairs.

Ensuring your vehicle’s engine oil is clean and fresh can add thousands of miles to these systems.

Signs you’re experiencing a turbo or supercharger issue


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