The Cooling System on your vehicle is responsible for keeping your engine running at an optimal temperature. When left unchecked or in poor condition, this system can allow your engine to overheat, inadvertently causing catastrophic damage or other more expensive issues.

The radiator is in the front of the vehicle and is often made of plastic that can wear out and fail over time. There are other cooling system components that must operate in good condition in order for the entire system to work as intended. A few of these other parts consist of the water pump, thermostat and its housing, expansion tank and caps, miscellaneous radiator hoses and expansion tank hoses, heater core, head gaskets, and more. Other important parts are the different fan components such as your main electric auxiliary fan, fan clutch assembly, condenser fans, fan switches and fan relays. A failure of any one of these parts can cause the whole system to go down.

Cooling system overhauls are important to consider anytime you have a cooling system failure so that you know the entire system is reliable and is functioning as intended by the manufacturer. Cooling system overhauls are usually the best option when it comes to the longest term solution.

Another really important preventative maintenance service is to perform your coolant flush services regularly. Some water pumps such as those made by BMW are electric and the number one cause of their failure is infrequent coolant flush services. Keep your vehicle running as intended by staying on top of your preventative maintenance with us here at TRUE Automotive.

Signs of a cooling system issue

Please note that not all cars have safety redundancies built in to protect you and your engine from overheating. Overheating an engine to a catastrophic level can happen very quickly. It’s important to pay close attention to how the engine is operating and at what temperatures. An engine can overheat in the summer as well as the winter.


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