Radiator and Cooling Repairs in Marietta, GA

Why Is My Radiator Not Cooling?

Oh, No. It's Hot, Hot, Hot

Unlike the popular song refrains, you're likely saying, "Oh, no," rather than, "Oh, yes," if your vehicle is "hot, hot, hot." That's because an overheating car poses an immediate problem. It can't be ignored for a few weeks, and you shouldn't continue driving. Instead, bring your warm ride to TRUE Automotive in Marietta, Georgia. We've been operating as your local shop for radiator and cooling repair since 2013, so we've gained experience you can trust.

Potential Radiator Related Troubles

Clearly, you recognize the need for service when your transportation is overheating. However, you may wonder about the potential underlying causes of radiator issues and related cooling system problems. A common problem is a leak that allows the coolant to escape. The radiator itself may have a hole caused by a crash, debris flying up from the pavement, or rust. A related problem is a hole(s) in a hose that circulates the fluid to and from the radiator. Hoses are tough, but metal parts are more durable. It's a good idea to have us check them for damage periodically and replace them as scheduled in your maintenance plan. In addition to looking for holes or weak spots, we'll check the hose connections for security, too. Another problem your radiator may develop is internal rust or similar build-up. Impurities, along with oxidation, can lead to these issues that clog the flow of fluid through the tiny tubes. Therefore, having us flush your radiator periodically is a good practice. Yet another issue is an external blockage. Mud, grass, or other debris can impede airflow across the radiator fins, preventing cooling. A bad thermostat sends faulty signals, so it can also lead to overheating. Finally, less air crosses the radiator's fins if the fan stops working, leading to less cooling and more heat retention.

Radiator Repair Near You

When your automobile is in need of radiator related work, you don't have to search for assistance. Fortunately, there's reliable radiator repair near you. Our team of professional mechanics installs only the best quality components, and we stand behind our work with a 36-month/36,000-mile warranty. If your vehicle has overheated or is exhibiting a pattern of running warmer than usual, schedule a visit with TRUE Automotive in Marietta, Georgia. Make us your first and only stop for European and Japanese import radiator and cooling repair.

Written by True Automotive