Radiator and Cooling Repairs in Lawrenceville, GA

Signs of a Bad Radiator

Nobody Likes It HotM

Whether it's the song, the Broadway hit, or the classic movie, most people have heard the title "Some Like It Hot." That's great when it comes to entertainment. When applied to the context of your vehicle, however, nobody likes it hot. That's because an overheating car can't go very far. Stop, or you'll experience catastrophic engine failure. You can eliminate the overheating condition when you entrust your automobile to the professional technicians at TRUE Automotive in Lawrenceville, Georgia. In business since 2013, we've helped plenty of drivers just like you with radiator and cooling repairs.

Radiator Trouble Symptoms

Your vehicle's radiator and cooling system perform a vital function. As your engine operates, it generates a tremendous amount of heat. This is normal because you have a combustion process involving the generation of sparks and small, controlled explosions, as well as heat-generating friction occurring as the moving parts contact one another. All the excessive heat can damage components, warping them or melting them together until you have an engine seizure that results in complete failure. The solution for keeping your engine alive is to cool it down. The fluid coolant absorbs heat. When that hot liquid reaches the radiator, it flows through tiny tubes with attached fins. Fins maximize airflow and provide maximum surface area for dissipating heat. Now ready to absorb more heat, the coolant travels back to the engine. That works very well, mile after mile until it doesn't. The most obvious sign that something is wrong is the sudden overheating of your car. The temperature gauge will likely skyrocket, and you may observe steaming from under the hood. Another typical signal is noticing that your vehicle's temperature gauge often climbs higher than it used to, even without completely overheating. Other indicators that should prompt you to schedule a visit include dripping/leaking coolant, radiator hoses that look worn or bulging/damaged, low coolant levels, and rust-colored coolant.

The Best Radiator Repair in Town

Unlike some optional or nonurgent work, radiator and cooling repair can't wait. You need to get your vehicle quickly to the best shop in town. That's TRUE Automotive. We're your neighbors, but we're also highly competent technicians. We perform reputable services, install quality parts, and cover our work with a 36-month/36,000-mile warranty. Therefore, you don't have to overheat when your automobile does. Instead, visit TRUE Automotive in Lawrenceville, Georgia, for radiator and cooling repairs for your European or Japanese import.

Written by True Automotive