Radiator and Cooling Repair in Woodstock, GA

Can You Drive with a Bad Radiator?

Keeping Your Car Cool

Regardless of what you drive, it's important to keep your engine cool. Otherwise, you won't go very far, and your vehicle may even be doomed. The expert technicians at TRUE Automotive in Woodstock, Georgia, can help you with your overheating car and prevent many issues through periodic services. We've been in business since 2013, so we have years of experience with radiator and cooling repairs performed on automobiles like yours.

Don't Make It Worse

Nobody wants to realize that their automobile is overheating, but some drivers wonder if it's okay to keep driving for a while. No, this is never a good idea. Your vehicle's engine generates an enormous amount of heat. That's no surprise because it works using the internal combustion process. Although motor oil absorbs some of that heat as it lubricates the moving metal components. However, the radiator and cooling system do the major work of dissipating heat. A coolant/water mixture circulates to the engine, taking on heat and removing thermal energy. Hoses conduct the fluid to and from the radiator, a series of tiny tubes accented by fins. As hot coolant passes through the tubes, the fin design catches the maximum amount of air so that the hot fluid cools down. To further accelerate this process, an electric fan feeds air across the fins to better carry away hot air as the heat dissipates. Any problems that disrupt the cooling process--a clogged radiator, debris blocking the fins, a faulty fan, a lack of coolant, or a leak from the radiator or hoses, will cause engine overheating. If you continue to drive, producing more heat with every passing minute and mile, you're causing damage to your car. Excessive heat quickly begins damaging softer parts, such as the head gasket. If your journey continues and the heat builds, it begins to warp and meld together metal parts until your vehicle suffers catastrophic engine failure. Instead of taking this risk, park your automobile at the first sign of overheating. Call for a tow to get it to our shop.

Radiator and Cooling Repair Near You

Driving an overheated auto simply isn't an option, so you'll need to get service. Fortunately, help is nearby, convenient to your home and/or work. Our professional team installs only superior quality components designed to fit your car. Moreover, we stand behind our work with an excellent 36-month/36,000-mile warranty. When you notice a sign of overheating in your European or Japanese import, bring it to TRUE Automotive in Woodstock, Georgia, for radiator and cooling repair before it's too late.

Written by True Automotive