Preventative Maintenance in Woodstock, GA

Driving with the Oil Light On

Just a Light?

If your automobile's oil light just came on, perhaps you have some questions. Is it just another light, or is this serious? The professional mechanics at TRUE Automotive in Woodstock, Georgia, are happy to assist you with getting to the root cause of the dashboard lamp as well as providing corrective service or repair. In business since 2013, we have all the equipment and experience needed to perform the preventative maintenance that keeps your transportation operating well so you don't have to ride around with the oil light on.

Can You Drive with it On?

If your automobile's oil light comes on, don't panic. Yes, there is clearly an issue that needs addressing, but your car will not fall into a scrap heap before you reach the next stoplight. You should never drive long-term with the oil lamp illuminated. However, the urgency of the light really depends on the underlying cause. For example, your vehicle's oil pressure sensor may have malfunctioned. If this part has gone bad, it will need replacing. Other related causes deal more directly with the oil itself. Those are more serious because it's essential that your transportation have enough clean oil to keep your engine components properly lubricated, absorb some of the heat generated by friction, and grab onto the dirt that would otherwise be abrasive to metal surfaces. If the issue is a lack of enough lubricant, the short-term solution is to have us add more oil until your next scheduled preventative maintenance service visit. If the oil pressure is low, possible culprits include a faulty oil pressure gauge, a clogged oil filter, or a bad oil pump. If so, it will be important to have us replace the offending part to restore full flow. Regardless of the cause, the general rule is to drive no more than 500 miles or a couple of weeks with the light on.

Where Can You Go for Service?

If your vehicle's oil light is on, you don't have to worry. Service is nearby, and you won't need to leave town, return to the dealership, or otherwise be inconvenienced. Our team is on top of the oil viscosity and filter size your car requires. If a repair becomes necessary, we use high-quality components and stand behind our work with a fantastic 36-month/36,000-mile warranty. If you drive a European or Japanese import, make an appointment with TRUE Automotive in Woodstock, Georgia, for help with the oil light and related preventative maintenance services.

Written by True Automotive