Preventative Maintenance in Suwanee, GA

Does My Vehicle Need Synthetic Oil?

Oil's Important Role

Motor oil is an essential fluid for your vehicle. Most drivers know that it lubricates the moving metal parts, but some do not realize that it also absorbs some of the engine's heat and holds dirt away from surfaces it can damage. Thus, having a sufficient supply of clean lubricant is critical to efficient, safe operation. When it's time for your vehicle's routine preventative maintenance services, entrust your transportation to TRUE Automotive in Suwanee, Georgia. Since 2013, we've been your best local stop for oil changes.

The Specifics of Oil

Although our team will take care of all facets of your car's oil change during preventative maintenance visits, we're glad to share information specific to lubricant. Regardless of brand, engine oil fits into one of three categories--conventional, full synthetic, and synthetic blend. Convention oil is the least expensive, derived from crude, and has heterogeneously sized molecules. Its usable life is also the shortest. While still made from a crude base, full synthetic lubricant is engineered to have homogenous molecules and enhanced with chemicals that make it last longer, work more effectively, and remain cleaner. The specific additives vary by company and are proprietary secrets. Not surprisingly, this product is much more expensive. Synthetic blend, as the name suggests, combines the conventional and synthetic. It offers some enhanced qualities at a lower cost than full synthetic. Nearly every modern European automobile and most Japanese models come with a manufacturer's recommendation for the better quality motor oil. These engines are designed for performance, working hard to get maximum power from the number of cubic inches and fuel. Using a lesser grade of oil hurts efficiency and can lead to premature wear. When you entrust your vehicle to us, we'll ensure that it gets the best lubricant at the viscosity recommended by the automaker.

Your Preventative Maintenance Assistants

You don't need to worry about selecting the correct motor oil for your vehicle. Our team functions as preventative maintenance assistants for your European or Japanese import. As such, we do all the work for you. Moreover, we'll help you know when things need additional attention, and we'll stand behind those repairs with a 36-month/36,000-mile warranty. Don't let fear or confusion delay the services your auto needs. Schedule your next oil change visit with TRUE Automotive in Suwanee, Georgia.

Written by True Automotive