Preventative Maintenance in Sandy Springs, GA

Types of Preventative Maintenance

Prevention: Good for Every Vehicle

Whether you plan to drive your automobile "forever," sell it yourself in a few years, or trade it for a newer model, it's in your best interest to keep it in good condition. Preventative maintenance services can make your car run better and longer, even helping it hold its value more effectively over time. Operating since 2013, we're here to help you take the best possible care of your transportation. Nobody is more reliable to assist you with your auto's preventative maintenance needs than TRUE Automotive in Sandy Springs, Georgia.

Some Basic Points of Prevention

While each model might need something slightly different according to the manufacturer's recommendation, special features, or your driving habits, most vehicles share certain basic points of preventative maintenance. For example, it's crucial that you periodically have your oil and filter changed. Engine oil lubricates moving parts, absorbs heat, and catches particles, saving your engine from a friction meltdown or death by dirt damage. However, it degrades over time, and your filter becomes clogged. Neither can do its job without a refreshing change. Also, it's important to have fluids checked and topped frequently. Your auto needs coolant, brake, power steering, and transmission fluid. At certain intervals, these also need changing or flushing to keep them clean and free the systems of gunk that may be lurking behind. Furthermore, engine-related components need inspection, cleaning, and/or changing, even though these services occur less frequently than others. For instance, our technicians can monitor your spark plugs, cleaning them during tune-ups and replacing them if the tips are worn. Other parts that need monitoring and eventual replacement are spark plug wires, belts, hoses, and the timing belt/chain. Brake pads need routine changes once they've worn beyond the point of safe use. Finally, don't forget about your tires. Have us assist you with monitoring pressure, checking tread depth, and rotating/balancing.

Help With The Services You Need

When you count on our professional technicians for assistance with preventative maintenance services for your vehicle, you're never alone. You don't have to worry about what needs doing when it needs doing or if there are any requirements specific to your model. We take care of everything for you. Even better, we're nearby, near where you live or work. Should we discover a needed repair during the course of routine services, we'll cover that work with a 36-month/36,000-mile warranty. Bring it to TRUE Automotive in Sandy Springs, Georgia, for preventative maintenance services regardless of the European or Japanese import you drive.

Written by True Automotive