Preventative Maintenance in Decatur, GA

Does Preventative Maintenance Really Matter?

Does It Matter?

Maybe you're wondering if preventative maintenance for your vehicle really matters. This thought is particularly alluring when everything works perfectly with your automobile. In a word, yes, routine services indeed matter. Perhaps the most important time to remind yourself to bring your vehicle for a visit is actually when nothing is wrong. Preventative services can help ensure that your car runs trouble free for as long as possible. Therefore, schedule an appointment with TRUE Automotive in Decatur, Georgia. We've been helping neighbors like you take care of their transportation since we opened in 2013.

What Should be Done?

We get it. You didn't plan your career around the mechanical workings of a motor and transmission, so you may feel a bit uncertain about what your car needs and when. That's okay. You won't have to worry when you entrust your transportation to us. The owner's manual for your vehicle will outline the specific service points and the frequency, either in terms of mileage or time intervals. Common services include fluid checks/top-offs/flushes, oil and filter changes, tire rotation and balances, and an occasional tune-up. If you drive certain high-end models, your automaker may have assigned a name to a specified checklist protocol. Examples include Mercedes A & B as well as BWM I & II. In addition to heading off mechanical trouble in advance, preventative maintenance can better ensure your safety and that of your passengers/fellow motorists. For instance, it's better to inspect your brakes and perform routine services at your leisure than to find out your brakes are questionable in an emergency. Also, following the recommended schedule can help you protect your original new car warranty. Finally, spending a little today to keep your vehicle in good condition will actually pay off tomorrow because your auto will better hold its value.

Where are the Local Professionals?

Now that you know the value of preventative maintenance for your vehicle, you may be asking where you can find the most reliable local mechanical professionals. You'll find the best technicians who perform all the right services for your auto nearby. We can ensure that all the recommended service points are covered. Should the need for a repair arise, you can feel confident knowing that a great 36-month/36,000-mile warranty protects your repair dollars. Don't put off those needed service protocols. Instead, schedule your appointment for European or Japanese import preventative maintenance services at TRUE Automotive in Decatur, Georgia.

Written by True Automotive