Power Steering Repairs in Marietta, GA

Can I Drive With Broken Power Steering?

It's About More Than Comfort

Unless your antique collector car doubles as a daily driver, your vehicle is equipped with power steering. The feature is actually now the standard for all passenger automobiles for several reasons. It certainly makes the auto much easier and more pleasant to drive. Steering is readily responsive, and turns require minimal effort. These same factors actually make your driving experience safer, too, because you have better control with less effort. However, the scenario is much different if your power steering develops trouble. If you notice signs of power steering problems, count on the technicians at TRUE Automotive in Marietta, Georgia. We've been helping our neighbors since 2013.

Driving Without Power Steering

Let's cut right to the chase. Don't drive without your vehicle's power steering. Instead, have your automobile towed to our shop. Why? Your power steering could cause your steering ability to freeze such that you can't turn quickly. That's an accident waiting to happen, perhaps a deadly one. There are two types of power steering. The recirculating ball or integral system is the more conventional of the two. The other is the rack and pinion style. It uses a steering rack parallel to the axle. It moves from side to side as you steer. Both operational mechanisms have a steering wheel, a steering column, power steering fluid, a fluid reservoir, hoses, a coupler, an O-ring, and a power steering pump. To be sure all these components maintain their integrity and work well together, have us check your vehicle's system routinely. If you notice signs of trouble but still have functional power steering, make an appointment with us before this important feature doesn't work at all. Signs that your car needs service include a power steering fluid leak/drip, whining as you steer or turn, and slower than normal responsiveness in maneuvering.

Power Steering Repair You Can Count On

Nothing good comes of operating without your car's power steering. Driving is a struggle and may put you or others in danger. Therefore, don't delay service once you realize that something is off with your vehicle. You can trust our team to install high-quality parts and stand behind repairs with a generous 36-month/36,000-mile warranty. Make your appointment for power steering repair for your European or Japanese import with TRUE Automotive in Marietta, Georgia.

Written by True Automotive