Volkswagen Repair

Volkswagen Repair in Marietta, Georgia

It’s Time for VW Service!

If you need expert Volkswagen car care, we invite you to TRUE Automotive. Located in Marietta, Georgia, we offer Volkswagen repair and maintenance that keeps your German vehicle in peak condition. We do a lot for you here at our auto shop, and we do it in order to ensure your safety and comfortability. Whether you’re coming in for a quick oil change or checking your brakes, we perform complimentary digital inspections to check the overall condition of your car’s major systems. We also provide service financing, courtesy loaner cars, military discounts, and status updates on all the work we do. So, why settle for less than what your VW deserves? Call our staff today at (770) 428-2520 to learn more. From clutch service to CCTA/CBFA chain failure to computer diagnostics, we can’t wait to work with you and your Volkswagen soon.