1280 Powder Springs St SW, Marietta GA 30064

TRUE Automotive – Marietta is very proud to be located at 1280 Powder Springs St SW, Marietta GA 30064. This location is just 1/8th of a mile from County Services Road, and only about 3 miles from the Downtown Marietta Square. TRUE Marietta is dedicated to serving the Marietta, Kennesaw, and surrounding communities. TRUE is also pleased to serve many of the employees at the Dobbins Airforce Base and other amazing businesses and branches of government in the area. TRUE Automotive – Marietta is very special. This business was started after acquiring the location previously occupied by a NAPA Premier Service Center in 2018 and is the 2nd store in the TRUE Automotive Group. Being that this was TRUE Automotive’s first acquisition, it was a true test of the company’s teammates, systems, and processes in order to be able to successfully pull off this incredible move forward.

Dave and Rob found this location and it was seemingly in a state of disrepair. Literally everything would need to be repaired or replaced. All of the equipment was very outdated, and some even dangerous. The building was dark, dirty, and soaked in oil from top to bottom. The exterior was overgrown with bushes, weeds, and crape myrtles that had not been groomed in years. Inside the building, there was about 30 years worth of junk and waste piled high in the offices and miscellaneous storage spaces. This store was the epitome of the outdated and scary auto repair shop that TRUE aims to bring a better light to. The best part of the acquisition was the employees were absolutely amazing. The previous ownership was well past the age of retirement and was frankly to blame for the poor conditions that the customers and employees worked through. This mess did not deter the team from seeing what it would look like in the future. A vision and a dream is a powerful force to be reckoned with. Work first began by cleaning out the entire space. A quantity of four 40-yard dumpsters were brought in to haul off all the old junk and dilapidated equipment. Everything was thoroughly cleaned, repaired/maintained, or upgraded. All the lifts were replaced with new and safer units. The walls and ceiling inside the shop were painted with fresh white paint, and several walls were removed to help open up the entire space. The previous lights were of the old metal halide type and created a tremendous amount of heat above the working technicians already surviving in 105*+ temperature environments during the summer. It is said the record temperature inside the shop was previously 112*. These old lights were replaced with efficient/cool LED type systems, and TRUE also added HVAC to the shop space so the teammates could work in much more suitable conditions. TRUE Automotive knows that happy and healthy teammates do the best work and take the best care of our community, so ensuring our team is in the best environment possible is always a top concern.

With a freshly cleaned, organized, and well lit facility, TRUE Teammates are now able to safely bring our great customers out into the shop and show them their vehicles in person. We are then able to build a relationship based on trust and integrity. Core values such as these are incredibly important to all the teammates here at TRUE Automotive. To this day, Marietta is still constantly improving. The entire company has learned a lot since adding two additional stores, bringing the total store count up to 4 across metro-Atlanta. The progress and the amazing people along the way has been an incredible adventure so far. Even with all of this behind us, TRUE is just beginning and we are excited for what the future shall inevitably bring our entire crew, our families, and our community.

If you have not yet been by to meet the team over at TRUE Automotive – Marietta, we encourage you and invite you into our beloved shop. TRUE Automotive will always do our best to make you feel comfortable, informed, updated, and secure. Never worry about having to visit a scary mechanic shop again, TRUE Automotive is here for you and we are here to stay. Thank you for reading, and please have a fantastic day! Happy motoring, – Team TRUE

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