880 Cripple Creek Drive Lawrenceville, GA 30043

TRUE Automotive – Lawrenceville is a childhood dream come true, pun intended! Two best friends, Rob and Dave, worked tirelessly for days, weeks, and years in order to be able to dream all of this into fruition. TRUE Automotive was originally started as Markert Motor Works in the college townhouse of Dave Markert, while he earned his Engineering degree in Clemson, South Carolina. Upon graduating, Dave moved himself and his business back to his hometown county of Gwinnett, GA. With his new engineering degree, Dave needed a place to park his project cars and slew of BMW parts that he had collected over the years while living and working in South Carolina. Little did Dave know, this storage unit would soon become his new shop. Instead of getting that new fancy engineering job, as Dave would say, Dave partnered with Rob Eskew in 2012 and they began focusing on how to create a better repair experience for their customers. Going into this, they knew this industry had earned one of the worst reputations amongst all trades. Afterall, they had experienced it themselves first hand and that was part of their motivation. No different than they knew they could fix any car, despite how many other shops it had been to, they also knew that they could help fix this industry. Dave and Rob began making forward progress for their vision to create this more relationship based service and repair experience. They learned to reverse engineer common negative Google reviews across the whole country to prevent them before they happen. They would always solicit constructive criticism from every customer, every time. They also cared about involving customers in the repair process so that they are one with the shop, not just another number or car.

In 2016, Markert Motor Works was able to move out of that storage unit and into their first proper building, located at 880 Cripple Creek Dr in Lawrenceville, GA. The company went from 9 parking spots in the basement of a nearly out of business strip mall, constantly worried about making sure they were not violating their special use permit restriction and having to hike to work due to parking restrictions, to the grand facility that we know of today. Cripple Creek Drive was the new home of the then Markert Motor Works, and now TRUE Automotive – Lawrenceville. Having well over 50 parking spaces for customer and employee vehicles, hiking to work in the rain, snow, sleet or shine was no longer a worry. Rob, Dave, and the entire team worked day end and day out on bringing this building and equipment up to the highest standards. Safety and environmental standards were in mind during the build out. Efficiency and sustainability were also of main concern. The team put in the long hours and it was worth it in the end. The new TRUE Automotive – Lawrenceville 12,000 sq/ft facility is now one of the nicest independent repair shops in the metro Atlanta area. The shop is climate controlled in the summer and winter so that we can provide a premier environment for our teammates, especially our technicians. Happy technicians simply provide much better car repair and maintenance, and is a staple of our brand. The entire space is well lit and is energy efficient with the use of modern LED lights and other technologies. The floors are always kept clean and are safe for customers to come inside the shop, so that we can look at the vehicles together. TRUE wants to work with our customers, not just for our customers. Continuing the initiative of transparency and a more honest approach to car care, TRUE Automotive to this day will escort our customers into the shop so that we can look at vehicles together, as a team. At TRUE, it is never the office staff versus the technicians, or TRUE employees versus the customers. Our service is an amazing ecosystem of teamwork that must be in complete harmony for the entire process to be successful. We know that car repair can be stressful at times, but it can also be extremely satisfying. There is no greater feeling of joy than getting your car back after recent work and feeling the vehicle running at its peak performance like it was originally intended by the manufacturer.

Markert Motor Works eventually changed the name to TRUE Automotive in 2019. This was in order to better align ourselves with the vision we have for the future of our company, and our industry as a whole. Technology is always evolving, as is TRUE Automotive as a business. Every day the entire company learns and grows. We are focused on the long term and will never sacrifice our long term goals for a short term gain. We are people over money, always. If you have not been to any of the TRUE Automotive locations, or have just not been to one in a while, we encourage you to come by and meet our amazing team. We are happy to provide low risk opportunities for you to experience our services without having to worry about being on the hook for an expensive repair or bill. We know that choosing a full time mechanic shop is a very big decision for a lot of people, and we will never rush you into that. We want to keep working with you for as long as needed, so that you are 100% comfortable before you ever spend any money with us. Thank you so much for being the best part of TRUE. We look forward to serving our community for years to come, and when given the opportunity we will always do great business and never let you down. Happy motoring, – Rob Eskew, Dave Markert, & Team TRUE

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