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Do European Vehicles Require Premium Gas?

What is Premium?

If you're new to the gasoline debate, perhaps you're wondering what actually constitutes "premium" gas. First, know that we recognize that your European vehicle is premium to you. That's because we're enthusiasts, too, operating as an import auto repair shop for European and Japanese models since 2013. As applied to gasoline, premium denotes a higher than standard octane rating, meaning that the fuel is more stable. That octane number measures the gas against a heptane and isooctane mixture, allowing for a relative indicator of stability and anti-engine knock tendency. For more information about how your engine will perform with various fuels and great European auto repair, entrust your automobile to the professionals at TRUE Automotive in Suwanee, Georgia.

Fueling the Discussion about Gas

Most gasoline sold in this country adheres to one of three grades. These are regular/87, mid grade/89-90, and premium/91-94. Before we go further with the discussion about gas grades, be aware that some European models are designed to operate using diesel fuel. Be certain that you don't accidentally mix the two by putting one fuel type into a vehicle designed to run on the other. Should this happen, don't start the car or drive. Have your car towed and the tank drained. Some people hear about the octane ratings in Europe and mistakenly think the gas is substantially different. That's because they're comparing apples to oranges, as the saying goes. European pumps display the research octane number (RON). US pumps display the pump octane number (PON), which is the average between the RON and the motor octane number (MON). Thus, a 98 RON in Europe is equivalent to a US 93 PON. Most manufacturers recommend using high-octane gas because your high-performance engine will operate more efficiently and with less knocking when the octane is higher. That's going to be the premium fuel available at our local stations. Therefore, premium is best for your car, but you don't need to worry about chasing a higher number that's nearly impossible to find at neighborhood service stations.

Reputable European Auto Repair Near You

Whether you need a major repair, preventive services, or just want to talk about the gasoline octane rating that's best for your vehicle, our team is here for you. Even better, you don't have to travel to find that level of personal support. It's available here in town, near your home or workplace. What's more, our repairs are covered by a solid 36-month/36,000-mile warranty. When you're in need of European auto repair, make TRUE Automotive in Suwanee, Georgia, your top choice.

Written by True Automotive