European Auto Repair in Sandy Springs, GA

The Most Common European Auto Repairs

Your European Beauty

Whether you selected a Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volkswagen, Porsche, Mini Cooper, Audi, Fiat, Volvo, or another model, we get you. You love your European beauty for its style, sportiness, luxury, technology--or all of the above. Therefore, you need a service and repair team to help you keep your special vehicle on the road and operate efficiently for as long as possible. We've been helping neighbors just like you since 2013, so count on TRUE Automotive in Sandy Springs, Georgia, for services and European auto repair.

Some Typical Work

Like every other kind of automobile, European models need routine maintenance. Major service points include oil/filter changes, fluid checks/tops, tune-ups, and tire care. Some manufacturers designate their regular checklists as named service protocols. Examples include Mercedes A & B and BMW I & II services. Additionally, all cars eventually need repairs. When speaking of European vehicles, one is referring to a huge number of individual models. Thus, our professional technicians see all sorts of repairs, some specific to certain autos. Even so, we can share some repairs that seem to have a higher-than-expected frequency in European cars. For instance, some enthusiasts complain about the number of oil leaks that must be addressed. Also, there seem to be many issues with air conditioner compressors that fail, leaving motorists uncomfortably hot. Likewise, some models tend to exhibit trouble with electrically powered components. Impacted parts include items such as power window regulators and door lock mechanisms. Another plague for some Euro drivers is the cooling system. Coolant leaks are a frequently reported issue. As a related problem, these cars' head gaskets seem to be a bit more prone to failure, necessitating replacement. Because so many popular models are enhanced with a turbo and those parts don't last forever, turbo repair/replacement is an often made fix. Finally, models that sport standard transmissions sometimes require clutch repair.

Your Local European Specialist

Your vehicle is special. In fact, you may even think of it as more than "just a car." Why take it just anywhere for service? You don't have to accept general services where mechanics may not be familiar with your model, nor do you have to drive back to the dealership for service. Instead, bring your favorite automobile to your local European specialist, where an amazing 36-month/36,000-mile warranty covers repairs. When it's time for routine services or European auto repair, bring your automobile to TRUE Automotive in Sandy Springs, Georgia.

Written by True Automotive