TRUE Automotive – Lawrenceville is a childhood dream come true (pun intended)! TRUE Automotive was originally started as Markert Motor Works in the college townhouse of Dave Markert, while he earned his Engineering degree. Upon graduating, Dave moved himself and his business back to his hometown county of Gwinnett, GA. Instead of landing an engineering job Dave partnered with Rob Eskew in 2012 and focused on creating a better, relationship-based experience for auto customers.

Today, the TRUE Automotive – Lawrenceville 12,000 sq/ft facility is one of the nicest independent repair shops in metro-Atlanta. The shop is climate controlled in the summer and winter so that we can provide a premier environment for our teammates, especially our technicians.

Markert Motor Works transformed into TRUE Automotive in 2019. This was to better align with the vision we had for the future of our company. Technology is always evolving, as is TRUE Automotive as a business. We want to keep working with you for as long as needed so that you’re 100% comfortable before you ever spend any money with us. Thank you so much for being the best part of TRUE. We look forward to serving our community for years to come and when given the opportunity we will always do great business. Happy motoring, – Rob Eskew, Dave Markert, & Team TRUE