Catalytic Converter Theft is Real

Catalytic converters are expensive and necessary parts on vehicles. They convert the emissions from your vehicle to be safer for occupants of the vehicle as well as the environment. Catalytic converters are made with precious metals, which makes them very valuable and prone to theft. TRUE Automotive has teamed up with local law enforcement to deter catalytic converter thefts! 

Take a look at the articles below to see how we help our customers keep their catalytic converters! 

Fox 5 Atlanta

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We will engrave your vehicle's VIN on the converter and paint it flameproof paint to deter thieves from stealing the catalytic converters - and we do this free of charge! "It's actually great.  I mean, while the car's here we can also do like a safety inspection, check their vehicle.  We don't mind actually doing that for the customer just as a compliment to the customer.  So, we're here to do business.  We're here to help our community."  -Isaac Robles, service manager for True Automotive

Written by True Automotive