Brake Repair in Woodstock, GA

What's That Burning Smell?

Identifying the Cause

If you're noticing a burning scent as your drive, it's important to identify the cause. While you hope the problem isn't serious, the reality is that it could potentially range from something minor to an active fire. The source might be electrical wiring, wrong transmission fluid, a brake system abnormality, or something else. Our team can help you by accurately diagnosing and repairing any needed repairs. In business since 2013, TRUE Automotive in Woodstock, Georgia, can assist you with brake repair or any other source of your vehicle's burning odor.

The Braking Burn

If your car is giving off a burning scent, the problem could indeed be the brakes. A tap of the pedal moves a level and piston, forcing brake fluid out of the master cylinder and through the hoses/lines. It travels to additional cylinders at each wheel. There, the hydraulic pressure moves the calipers. These hold the brake pads. As the calipers move, the pads make contact with the rotors, which are large metal discs. The friction between the two enables your vehicle to stop. If one of these calipers becomes stuck, the brake pad can't disengage from the rotor. This may be responsible for the nasty smell. Another possible cause is general brake overheating. If a caliper isn't frozen, overheating may result from extended heavy use. For instance, your brakes may exhibit stress if you're constantly riding the brakes when traveling down a steep mountain slope. Yet another common source of the described problem is accidental emergency brake engagement. This can happen if you simply forget to release the brake before driving. Still, it can also occur without you realizing if the engagement mechanism, pull arm or foot pedal, has been moved slightly, partially engaging the emergency brake. Finally, the unpleasant aroma may be no more than the initial heating of newly installed components. If so, the smell will dissipate on its own as soon as the new parts are "broken in."

The Best Brake Shop for You

When the source of your transportation trouble is the braking system, don't take chances. You need to find a reputable repair shop. The best brake shop is one that's where you are, open when you need it and stands behind its work with a warranty. When you need brake repair for your European or Japanese import, schedule an appointment with TRUE Automotive in Woodstock, Georgia, and make us your own brake shop.

Written by True Automotive