Brake Repair in Suwanee, GA

Signs of Bad Rotors

Brakes are Especially Important

Every driver knows that brakes are a critical safety feature on every vehicle. However, this system becomes especially important when you sport a high-performance automobile. The faster you drive, and the quicker you accelerate, the better your braking ability needs to be to ensure your safety and that of others. Fortunately, you can get reputable help with your car's braking system near your home or job. In business since 2013, our expert technicians are happy to pass along information about specific components within this safety system, such as rotors, and make all needed brake repairs. That makes TRUE Automotive in Suwanee, Georgia, your best stop for brake services.

Signs of Rotor Issues

When discussing problems with brake rotors, the conversation needs to start with an explanation of what this part is and what it does. Also known as a disc, the rotor is a large, round metal plate that is located just to the inside of the wheel on disc brakes. Disc brakes are now standard on the front wheels of nearly all new cars and may be found on all four wheels, particularly on higher-end models. The brake pad, also typically metal but sometimes ceramic due to performance upgrades, contacts the rotor. As the parts rub together, they generate friction, the force that ultimately stops your vehicle. While this metal part is durable, it is likely to eventually show signs of wear. That's actually the most common culprit underlying rotor trouble. Other problems can occur when rotors are overheated, warped, cracked, or rusted. So how will you know? First, make sure you bring your vehicle in for periodic brake inspection and service. We'll help you catch problems early before they become severe. Second, watch for certain signs. For instance, a car with bad rotors may begin making noises when brakes are applied. This can be a screeching sound or grinding. These are the sounds of metal against metal. It's also possible to hear banging. Also, you may feel a pulse-like sensation or steering wheel shimmy as you brake. Finally, you may be able to see through to the rotor when you wash your automobile. If you see scratches on the rotor's surface, see us immediately.

Make Us Your Brake Repair Shop

Driving with questionable braking ability is never a good idea. You're risking lives and property needlessly. You have a local, friendly shop where you can get help with bad rotors or any other braking problem. Further, we stand behind our work with a warranty, so ask us about the coverage for your brakes. If you drive a European or Japanese import, bring it to TRUE Automotive in Suwanee, Georgia, for brake repair.

Written by True Automotive