Brake Repair in Marietta, GA

What is that Burning Smell?

Local, Convenient Brake Repair

Every driver knows that brakes are essential to safe vehicle operation. Even so, some auto owners are tempted to put off needed services and repairs because of time and travel. Those factors are no longer concerns when you entrust your transportation to TRUE Automotive in Marietta, Georgia. Our establishment is both local and convenient, yet our professional technicians are world-class. We've been in business since 2013 and have years of experience caring for cars like yours. Make us your first choice for all your brake repair needs.

Follow Your Nose

You've likely heard the expression "follow your gut." However, following your nose is also a pretty good idea as you're driving. Something is wrong if you smell a burning odor emanating from your car. Although this scent can arise from multiple sources, a prime suspect is your braking system. When you apply pressure to the brake pedal, it moves a level and piston. These force brake fluid through hoses/lines from the master cylinder, which serves as a reservoir, to the cylinders at each wheel. The resulting hydraulic pressure then moves the brake calipers. The caliper holds the brake pad, forcing it against the rotor, a large disc inside each wheel. The friction between the two components is what ultimately slows and stops your vehicle. So what might account for that burning odor? If one of the brake calipers becomes stuck, the ongoing contact between the pad and rotor at the impacted wheel can generate overheating. Also, it is possible in some cases that aged brake fluid or filling with the wrong substance could produce scorching and the associated smell. Finally, the problem could be the parking/emergency brake. It works as a backup on a separate cable system but also forces metal-to-metal contact. If you forget to disengage it or if it becomes frozen in place after a period of disuse, you could find yourself driving with the brake set. And, you guessed it. You'll smell the burn.

Neighborly Brake Repair

You need reputable brake repair to ensure your safety, but that doesn't mean it has to be impersonal. You can get neighborly service here in our own town.Our team can assist you with routine brake inspection and services and accurately diagnose and repair brake problems. Moreover, we use high-quality components and provide a warranty for our work. Therefore, TRUE Automotive in Marietta, Georgia, is your best European or Japanese import brake repair option.

Written by True Automotive