Brake Repair in Decatur, GA

How Do Brakes Stop Your Vehicle?

More Than a Pedal

Regardless of what you drive, you rely on your brakes to safely stop your vehicle. But do you know the components of this crucial safety system and how it works? Although your automobile is designed to slow and stop when you press the pedal near the floorboard, the braking system is more than just a pedal. Therefore, it's important to select a repair shop you can trust to take care of your brakes--both the parts you can see and those you can't. That's TRUE Automotive in Decatur, Georgia. Open since 2013, we have more than a decade of experience with most import brands. You can feel confident entrusting your transportation to us for all your brake repair needs.

How the System Works

When you apply pressure to your auto's brake pedal, it moves a level and piston so that brake fluid is squeezed from the master cylinder and into the brake lines/hoses. Once this hydraulic substance reaches the end of the hoses, it enters a cylinder at each wheel. It then causes the brake caliper to move, forcing the brake shoe against the rotor/disc. The friction that results from the pad rubbing the rotor reduces speed and allows you to affect the stop. As described, this process applies to disc brakes. If your automobile has drum brakes, the method is similar. However, a brake shoe contacts a drum that turns inside each wheel. Older vehicles may only have drum brakes, but newer models typically have disc brakes on at least some wheels.

Higher-end cars may have disc brakes on all four wheels. However, a number of models employ disc brakes on the front and their drum counterparts on the rear wheels. This configuration allows for a great balance between effectiveness and cost. While disc brakes stop your car quicker, they are much more expensive to manufacture. Using drum brakes on the rear where the weight is less due to the motor location is safe, yet it saves money when the combination package is used.

Trustworthy Brake Repair

Because your safety and that of others depend upon the integrity of your braking system, you need to be sure you select an establishment you can trust. TRUE Automotive is your reputable local shop for brake repair. We install only high-quality components and stand behind our work with a warranty. Why take chances with your ability to stop or go anywhere else? Instead, contact TRUE Automotive in Decatur, Georgia, for all your European and Japanese import brake services.

Written by True Automotive