Many businesses are started when the founders are experiencing hardship. TRUE Automotive is no different. It all began when Dave Markert’s engine failed on his first 1998 BMW 328i while he was in school at Clemson University. Dave was earning very little disposable income while being a full time student and could not afford the repairs. He learned how to fix the vehicle himself and quickly began learning how to perform other repairs on BMWs. Around this same time, Rob also began working on customer vehicles to help fuel his passion for motorsports in the BMW community. Rob would meet people every time he got gas and would pass out homemade business cards offering to help with their cars. Word of mouth quickly spread about their attention to detail and exceptional customer service. Rob and Dave met on the internet forums, before Facebook, where they exchanged used BMW parts, some of which Dave still has to this day. After they both graduated college, they moved back to Atlanta and began to work together full time. Dave and Rob formed their “official partnership” via a hand written piece of paper and Markert Motor Works was established. In 2019, MMW became TRUE Automotive. This name change was to better embody their vision of the direction they wish to help steer the automotive repair industry as a whole as their company began expanding into more locations across metro Atlanta. These are the TRUE beginnings.


We all know that automobiles are complex machines. These machines contain many systems that can seem to have issues at any time. No matter what kind of vehicle you own, eventually you are going to have to visit a mechanic shop for regular service and maintenance, or even for more troublesome issues that require an extended visit for repairs. At TRUE Automotive, our mission is to be your trusted full-time mechanic and make your experience while getting service as easy and as pain-free as possible. Our company is dedicated to building that trusting relationship and providing education to our customers. We always kindly ask that you let us know how we are doing, and if there is anything that we can do differently or better to keep exceeding your expectations. It will never hurt our feelings, and we will always take it to heart and grow from your feedback. Our goal is a long term relationship based on trust with all of our customers. The key to any successful relationship, whether business or personal, is great communication. This is our mission.